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Special Services

Shërbimet speciale

Expectant mother
Pregnant woman in the 28th week of pregnancy or less can travel with us. However, for women between the 29 th week and including 35 th week, we ask for a medical certificate that confirms that there will not be any complications. This certificate should be issued from the doctor that oversees the care of the pregnant women. Pregnant woman are not allowed to fly with us, from week of 36.

Infants and Children

Age: Between 2 and 14 years of age
“FlyAlbania” does not offer special prices for children. You should reserve a ticket for one child. If you have any question, please contact us.

Children Traveling Alone
We offer special care for children traveling alone.

Please contact our Service Center, in order to set-up this service for your child as soon as possible.

If you book your reservation online, please contact our Service Center in order to register your child

Please, inform us earlier how many unattended children have booked the flight.

A maximum of 18 unattended children can travel in any flight of FlyAlbania.

Parents or custodians may ask “FlyAlbania” to approve this status for children over aged (14-17 age).

A maximum of 6 unattended children can travel in all flights of “FlyAlbania”. Unattended children are not allowed to carry pets (domestic animals) in cabin.

If booking has not been listed and confirmed, the service may be refused.

A fee of 50 € is paid for every unattended child, in addition to the cost of the ticket. This fee is paid at the airport.

(Children of age 5-11 years that ravel alone)

Attendant of a child:
Attendant of a child (2-11 years) should be at least 18 years in order to be able to take personal responsibility.

How we look after a child without an attendant during flight

You are requires to complete the form, with the following information:

You may prepare the form in advance, this will save you time at the check-in counter. Simply print two copies of the standardized form, and complete before leaving home.

At minimum, it takes one extra hour to complete the control process of a child flying unattended.

At departure
If you secure the pass from the FlyAlbania desk (in accordance with the rules) you may escort the child up to the departure gate. Before departure, you will hand over the child to a ground crew who will escort the child to the airplane where the child will be under the care of the cabin crew.

In the aircraft

In FlyAlbania flight, one row of seats is especially set aside for unattended children. Here the cabin crew will always be next to your child and will provide the necessary care.

At arrival
Upon arriving at the destination airport, you child will be handed to the ground crew. At exit, your child will be handed to the person you have designated in the form for unattended children. Your child will be under our personnel care, for the duration of the flight. With us, your child is in safe hands.


Milano: +39 029 47 55 995

Bologna: +39 051 04 20 706

Verona: +39 045 78 60 405

Roma: +39 069 48 04 733

Bergamo: +39 035 04 60 220

Tirana: +355 4 231 9005

Genoa: +39 010 84 80 350

Cuneo: +39 017 11 68 0057

Pisa: +39 050 76 20 341

London: +44 203 12 91 050

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